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GFCH Director participates in UNAOC Doha Forum

New Delhi: Dec 15, 2011


K G Suresh, Director and Chief Editor, Global Foundation for Civilizational Harmony (India) recently attended the fourth Annual Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) at Doha from December 11-13, 2011.


GFCH India is the only partner of UNAOC in northern India and Mr Suresh was among the few representatives invited from India.


During the three day session, Mr Suresh met among others former Portuguese President and the United Nations High Representative for the United Nations AOC, Mr Jorge Sampaio.


During the meeting, Mr Suresh offered to host in India, on behalf of GFCH, a global conference of spiritual leaders against terrorism.


A video initiative to end the discrimination against people from the North Eastern states was among other projects discussed at the forum.


Mr Suresh also met senior officials of Carnegie Corporation, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, Initiatives for International Dialogue, Media Diversity Institute, Commonwealth Foundation, Pew Research Center etc and discussed areas of possible cooperation.


Mr Suresh also held wide ranging discussions with Qatari Islamic leaders at the Katara Mosque in Doha.


Mr Suresh feels that as a global leader with a history of religious tolerance and pluralism, India should play a more active role in the UNAOC and project the Indian model as a beacon light for a world torn apart by religious and ethnic divide.




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